Green Aware – Our Environmental Policy

At Beeson Farm, we endeavour to develop and manage the impact of our business on the environment in as sustainable way as possible. We were members of the Green Tourism Business Scheme and gained the Gold Award for our endeavours.

We have now installed solar PVs in the orchard with supply power for our cottages and for our Electric Vehicle (EV) charging point.

We are committed to:-

  • Good environmental practice in business activities, minimising harmful effects and maximising the beneficial influences on the environment
  • Complying with environmental laws and fulfilling duty of care requirements for waste disposal
  • We welcome support, participation and suggestions from our customers as to how to continue to improve our environmental policy and protect the environment.

The following are some of the measures we are implementing:-

  • The establishment of a wildlife nature reserve with bird boxes and the creation of two fenced ponds
  • Use of traditional methods in managing hedgerows and field boundaries and new native tree and hedge planting
  • Provision of visitor information packs on local walks, public transport, wildlife parks, a wildlife audit showing fauna and flora indigenous to our site, Devon Wildlife Trust events information
  • Secure dry storage for bicycles
  • Use of traditional building products and methods in the conservation and renovation of the farm buildings on site
  • Minimising waste by recycling glass, paper, plastic, cardboard, aluminium, iron, food and garden waste
  • Monitoring of energy, waste and water consumption and making energy savings through insulation, use of energy efficient appliances/lighting, provision of a shower for every bedroom en suite, use of “hippo bags” in cisterns
  • Provision of local menus from nearby pubs and restaurants and details of farmers and other markets providing local produce
  • Using local labour and suppliers and environmentally friendly and traditional products
  • Promotion, use and support of local environmental organisastions such as BTCV and Devon Wildlife Trust
  • Carbon offsetting scheme
  • Ideas for car free days out
  • Rainwater harvesting and rainwater butt
  • Solar PVs are installed on a barn roof
  • EV charging point for guests to use for electric vehicles

We welcome your views on how we can improve further.